About Trail Ridge Printing


Our History

Trail Ridge Printing was established in 2012 as a partnership between Tim Buck and Ron Shumate, two long-time Colorado residents with a shared passion for high-quality screen printed apparel and accessories. Ron launched Earthprints, his own screen-printing shop, in 1982, and earned a reputation for dependable service and technical expertise. Tim joined Ron to form Trail Ridge Printing Company on the basis of over 45 years of combined experience in the screen printing industry, and the two continued to grow the company's reputation for outstanding quality and reliable turnaround.

Estes Park residents Elia and Dena King purchased the company in 2017 in an endeavor to pursue creative work that would keep them closer to their kids and allow them to put down deeper roots in their community. Elia and Dena became familiar with Trail Ridge Printing after working closely with Tim and Ron on a product line for The Grey House, a mountain boutique that Dena co-owns with her sister.

Elia and Dena are excited to carry on the legacy of Trail Ridge Printing, working closely with clients to tell a better story, creating or developing any print job from concept to finished product.


Our values

PUT FAMILY FIRST. We got involved with Trail Ridge Printing in order to prioritize our family, providing stability that only comes as the result of spending time together working and playing hard.

TELL A BETTER STORY. One of the most rewarding parts of our work is putting something in the hands of our clients that give them a sense of pride in telling the story of their family, brand, or team.

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS. Hitting a deadline on a budget is just the beginning of what makes a project successful. From high-quality products to stellar customer service, our standard of success is to exceed our clients' expectations every time.


Our Suppliers

Visit our main suppliers' websites for available styles, colors and sizes and then let us know what we can do to help.

Alpha Broder
Augusta Sportswear
TSC Apparel