How Much Will my project cost?

Since every project is unique, it can be tough to give an accurate estimate without all of the details in advance. Style and quality of the garment, number of ink colors, screen setup and reprint fees, and rush order fees can all affect the cost of a project. For these reasons, we recommend contacting us for a formal estimate for the most accurate pricing. But for general planning purposes, the following guidelines might be helpful. The information below is based on a print in a single location (like the front “pocket” print or a single large logo on the back) with one ink color.


An entry-level t-shirt typically starts around $9 each, plus screen fees and taxes. Likewise, a basic crew neck sweatshirt starts around $18. Hoodies and zip hoodies are typically $21 and $26, respectively. Polos regularly start at roughly $13 each. These prices can be used for basic planning purposes, but to get the most accurate pricing, please contact us to request a formal estimate and discuss the details of your project.


Screen fees - We charge a one-time fee of $25.00 to create each screen used in a design. Typically, every color in a design requires a new screen. Printing in multiple locations on a shirt will also often require multiple screens. We charge a $7.00 reprint fee at the time of reorder, so many of our customers save some money by ordering a few extras with their initial order rather than paying reprint fees on a smaller order later. This reprint fee helps us to cover the costs of maintaining and storing screens that we would otherwise reclaim and use for other customers.

We also charge $7 to change ink colors. For example, a project that involved 50 black shirts with white ink and also 50 white shirts with black ink would incur this charge.

Additional Ink Colors - In addition to the screen fees above, we charge $0.75 per item for every additional ink color or location printed on a garment. So for example, one of the Gildan tees above with a print on the front left “pocket” and a large logo across the back would cost $9.75 plus screen fees and taxes.

Rush Order Fee - Orders needed in 5 business days or less may be charged a rush fee of $50 for orders up to $200, or 20% of the order total for orders over $200.

Design Fees - In most cases we can work with files submitted as print-ready vector artwork (EPS, AI, or SVG) or as a high quality bitmap (JPG, PNG, or TIFF with a resolution of at least 300 dpi). If your artwork does not meet these requirements, we’ll be happy to help you get it ready for printing for a fee of $75/hour.


We offer 5% off the total cost of orders of 50+ pieces, and 10% off the total cost of orders of 150+ pieces. This includes all charges (including screen fees), with the exception of sales tax.

Order more now and save! Some customers have also found that by placing a slightly larger initial order, they can get more shirts for the same cost they would pay on screen reprint fees later.

In most cases, we also offer free local delivery, saving our customers any shipping or delivery fees.

How long until I receive my project?

In most cases (with print-ready artwork and complete color, style, and size information), we are able to complete a project within 7-10 business days. Reprints are often faster.

Please note that projects needed within 5 business days may be subject to a rush order fee. See the section above on additional costs for more information.

can i order just one shirt?

Because of the time and cost involved in setting up a project, we recommend a minimum order of 10 pieces per design. This will help us to give you the best possible pricing for your project.