Go Local: Why Working with Your Neighborhood Screen Printer Matters

Ask any small business owner and they will probably agree that they’d be happy to work with customers from around the country. There are some real advantages to maintaining a national client base. But for customers looking to get the most out of their screen-printing budget, there can be some real benefits to working with a local shop. Although we could go on for days about the benefits of working with a local company, here are three things to keep in mind when you’re choosing a screen printer for your next project.

Using a local printer could save you time and money when it comes to artwork.

Have you ever gotten a delivery of screen-printed garments only to open the box and think to yourself, “Oh, I didn’t know it was going to look like that.” Maybe you were hoping the print would be a different size with a different ink color? Most small shops like ours are happy to have clients come by for a press check before we start printing to be sure everyone is 100% happy with the quality and placement of the print. This isn’t always possible or convenient with larger shops who are located out of your area. We work hard in our shop to make sure every print is right — not just because quality is important to us, but also because we know we will have to answer to our neighbors months down the road if something isn’t right.

Working with a local shop could save you time and money on shipping and delivery.

Like many small screen printers, we make every effort to save our clients money by offering free local shipping and delivery on orders that meet our minimum requirements. Whenever possible we also work with suppliers who have local warehouses so your garments arrive at our shop faster. Once your project is printed, we can usually deliver to your business, arrange for pickup at our shop, or meet you somewhere in between. That savings can quickly add up — so much that in some cases it covers the cost of a few extra shirts or a tank of gas! And our free local pickup or delivery options mean you don’t have to wait for your project while it rides around the country on another delivery truck.

Choosing a printer in your area will help to support your local economy — financially and otherwise.

Locally-owned screen printing shops are very similar to other locally owned businesses in that they are made up of people like you who are working ot support their families. The money that we earn helps to pay our bills, buy our groceries, and feed our families — often through the avenues of other local businesses. We live in an area that relies heavily on tourism. So in some sense, the perception of our town is shaped by the way we treat every visitor. A customer’s experience at one local business affects the way they view ALL of the businesses in town. By extension, that means when one of our neighbors maintains a thriving business, it’s a win for all of us. Because we live close to many of our clients, we care about many of the same issues that they talk about around their own dinner tables. As a result, we can sometimes go out of our way to work on special projects that support the shared values of our town.

Working with a local shop may not always be the least expensive option, but the perceived difference in cost-per-shirt is often recovered in time and effort, savings on shipping, and supporting your local economy. Choosing a screen printer in your neighborhood means you are not just giving your money to a large company — rather, you could think of it as investing in your own neighborhood. It may seem like just a shirt or two here and there, but it actually means the world to the individuals and families who work, eat, and live alongside you in your community. The next time your are looking for a screen printer for your project, consider the difference it could make to work with a local shop — and of course, feel free to contact Trail Ridge Printing for an estimate!